A First-Hand Personal Account

The Inspiring Story of a Direct Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda
Who Brought the Master’s Teachings to the Whole World

For thirty-nine years, Nayaswami Asha faithfully recorded the extraordinary life of a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Her book, Swami Kriyananda: Lightbearer, introduces us to a key figure who played a central role in introducing the guru’s mission to the world. The story of Kriyananda’s unswerving devotion to his great Master’s cause is profoundly uplifting and instructive.

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The Book

Author’s Note: A “Great Work”
How I met Swami Kriyananda, and how this book came to be written.
Days of Simplicity, and Great Joy
I move to Ananda and begin my life with Swamiji.
A Step Back in Time

Swami Kriyananda’s Dismissal by SRF
Early Days of the “Great Work”

Daya’s disapproval; a landmark book on modern science and eternal values; India and Anandamayi Ma
Planting Roots: A New Movement for the Masters
Compassion vs harsh judgment; a whirlwind trip to LA; first songs; Yogananda’s world prophecies
Early Seeds — New Growth

Acquiring more land; early writings on the arts; “The secret of prosperity is creativity”; in India with Anandamayi Ma; a Paramhansa Yogananda ministry through song; the communities movement
Challenges Worldly & Spiritual

Outreach; Spirit progress and the need for service; financial tests; SRF’s negativity; the Bicentennial Liberty Committee!; first public statements on SRF
The Fire and the Reaction

The forest fire that burned 21 of Ananda’s 23 homes; the inspired response; Ananda extends its spiritual outreach; Swamiji’s role in his guru’s work; his respectful stance toward SRF
Ananda’s Outward Service Grows

Don’t waste time feeling unworthy!; India!; publication of The Path: My Life With Paramhansa Yogananda; birth of the Joy Tours; further statements on SRF

The Joy Tours
On the road; full speed ahead!; Ananda in Southern California?; starting a health food store

Outreach & Instruction

Ananda’s outreach continues; bringing the teachings into our everyday lives; tips for effective public speaking; Ananda House; travels in Europe

World Predictions and Yogananda’s Work
Cataclysmic changes: a warning and a promise; a foothold in Italy; building The Expanding Light guest retreat; insights: Ananda and SRF; new land and opposition; secrets of service

A Year of Major Changes
Relaxing after years of intense activity: photography, Hawaii, marriage; Ananda Village incorporation campaign and controversy; householder dharma; a partner departs

Defining Ananda’s Mission

Opposition challenges our faith; “Dharmocracy”; Yogananda’s mission: a single organization, or a divine dispensation for the whole world?; spiritual qualities of America

Devotional Currents, and a Major New Musical Composition
Italian import: devotion!; nature channels at Ananda; Crystal Hermitage takes shape; the need for self-honesty; composing the oratorio, “Christ Lives!”

Spiritual Movements Are Spread Through the Arts
Satan tries to stop the music; new spiritual movements spread through the arts; a movement of inner communion; the need for places of pilgrimage; freezing in Como; the Master as a dear and loving friend

Religion in Dwapara Yuga
A new religious order for an Age of Energy-awareness!; a new service: spiritual pilgrimages; visiting with an Italian saint; a new monasticism; Swami meets with Daya at Mt. Washington; marriage to Rosanna; religion in Dwapara Yuga

Pilgrimage to Los Angeles
A letter to Daya; an Ananda pilgrimage to Yogananda’s Southern California shrines; a new book on Master’s ideals for educating children; Daya lies about Kriya; Ananda starts branch communities; a new Festival of Light

Paramhansa Yogananda and Spiritual Communities
A beautiful statement on the need for spiritual communities; A Festival of Light: the purpose and meaning of spiritual ceremonies in Dwapara Yuga; Cities of Light: Paramhansa Yogananda’s dream of cooperative spiritual communities

Standing On Our Own
We are a new expression — it will take centuries to spread this new understanding; hip surgery: “Watch my smoke!”; many hands make a miracle; SRF and Ananda — the truth must come out; we are what we become through that which we do

“The Greater the Will, the Greater the Flow of Energy”
Important directions for the yoga movement in the West; the power of pilgrimage; the meaning of discipleship; spirituality is the greatest power for good in the world

Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) Files a Massive Lawsuit Against Ananda
The Ananda church changes its name to reflect its role as a legitimate branch of Yogananda’s work; a new book of Yogananda’s words, The Essence of Self-Realization; SRF files a lawsuit claiming it owns everything related to Yogananda; Swamiji sees the lawsuit as a God-given opportunity to break SRF’s stranglehold on the teachings and free them from sectarianism and institutionalism; Swamiji dedicates the Palo Alto Ananda community; the Ananda and SRF leaders meet in Fresno

The SRF Lawsuit: Ananda Fights Not Against Anyone But FOR the Truth
Launching a church; the war in Iraq: discrimination and dharma; Yogananda inspires Ananda’s attorney; The Peace Treaty; Daya’s disregard for truth; Swamiji read the SRF “K-File”; the SRF leaders’ reluctance to examine their basic assumptions

The Federal Judge Rules in Ananda’s Favor on the Two Most Important Issues in the SRF Lawsuit
Ananda rises to the challenge: “Master for the World”; David and Goliath – how to respond to legal attacks backed by great financial resources with a clear intent to destroy; SRF’s secrecy vs Ananda’s openness; Ananda wins the two most important rulings in the case: “Self-realization” is generic, and SRF does not own the copyrights to most of Yogananda’s original writings; a letter to the SRF board regarding vital issues in the case that will define the future of Yogananda’s work – expansion, versus institutional self-protection and control

A Yogananda Centennial Year, SRF Continues to Lose in Court
Celebrating Yogananda’s Birthday Centennial and Ananda’s 25th Anniversary; Religion in the New Age; Master guided people through their attunement with him; Yogananda’s Rubaiyat interpretations; SRF’s many changes to Autobiography of a Yogi; the court nullifies SRF’s trademark in the name Paramhansa Yogananda, rejects SRF’s cease-and-desist motion to prevent Ananda from publishing the original Autobiography.

SRF Opens a New Front in Its Lawsuit Against Ananda
SRF’s last legal resort: persecution; SRF takes Swamiji’s deposition; America’s spiritual future; editing Master’s Rubaiyat and setting the quatrains to music; a post-mortem message from Tara Mata; SRF’s efforts to destroy Ananda’s reputation; rescuing the yoga movement in the West; “The present legal battle is not between two organizations, but between two entirely different concepts of Master’s mission. It is the material expression of a war of ideas happening on the causal plane.”

God Tests Ananda’s Mettle: A Year of Crisis & Triumph
God sends a major financial test, yet Ananda thrives; Gurus, Celibacy and Spiritual Authority receives an overwhelmingly positive response in Yoga International; Ananda is not “a nice place to live” – it is an ashram for people who are seeking God; Divine Mother is molding spiritual warriors who will stand for Truth; blasphemy in the SRF court case; the SRF-Bertolucci connection; Has SRF Lost Its Way?; Swamiji in India; Swamiji delivers a divinely empowered excoriation to SRF’s lawyer: “You enjoy hurting people.”

SRF’s “Tarnishment” Strategy Backfires
What does it mean to love heroically?; crusading for Truth in SRF’s backyard; a new book, A Place Called Ananda reveals the details of his dismissal by SRF; Ananda discovers evidence of SRF’s involvement in the sexual harassment litigation; the court rules that SRF cannot benefit from a scandal that it helped to create

SRF Tries to Prevent Daya Mata’s Deposition and Recover Its Losses in Court

Ananda’s music holds it together: Love Is A Magician and Jon Anderson, My Jo; Ananda chooses the wrong attorney; Paramhansa Yogananda appears to Daya Mata and tells her to “Settle!” (the lawsuit against Ananda); SRF puts on a friendly face to avoid Daya Mata’s deposition regarding its involvement in the Bertolucci case. When Ananda responds with friendship, SRF cynically seeks to regain exclusive “ownership” of Yogananda and his work.

The Bertolucci Trial – Its Buffooneries and Its Deeper Meaning
The Bertolucci Trial: a farce from start to finish; the real issues at stake: “I’m taking this for the whole yoga movement.”; was Swami Kriyananda a jivan mukta, as Yogananda told him?; meanwhile, Ananda’s work thrives; Ananda’s concern for the broader aspects of the Master’s mission

Dharmocracy – Right Action – Is the Key to Success
The lawsuit years are essentially over: Ananda emerges larger and spiritually stronger; Ananda’s guideline is compassion, not judgment; Ananda is a very old spiritual family; at Ananda, dharmocracy rules

Preparing for Trial on SRF’s Remaining Copyright Claims
Sharing Yogananda’s universal teachings through music; the singers tour in Italy; the federal appellate court denies SRF’s appeal of its copyright ruling freeing Yogananda’s teachings for the world; SRF asks $33 million in damages; Bertolucci’s attorney is revealed as a prominent long-time member of SRF