A First-Hand Personal Account

The Inspiring Story of a Direct Disciple Who Brought Paramhansa Yogananda’s Teachings to the Whole World

For thirty-nine years, Nayaswami Asha faithfully recorded the extraordinary life of a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. Her book, Swami Kriyananda: Lightbearer, introduces us to a key figure who played a central role in introducing the guru’s mission to the world. The story of Kriyananda’s unswerving devotion to his great Master’s cause is profoundly uplifting and instructive.

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The Book

Author’s Note: A “Great Work”
How I met Swami Kriyananda, and how this book came to be written.
Days of Simplicity and Great Joy
I move to Ananda and begin my life with Swamiji.
A Step Back in Time

Swami Kriyananda’s Dismissal by SRF
Early Days of the “Great Work”

Daya’s disapproval; a landmark book on science and values; India and Anandamayi Ma
Planting Roots: A New Movement for the Masters
Compassion vs harsh judgments; a whirlwind trip to LA; first songs; Yogananda’s prophecies
Early Seeds — New Growth

Acquiring more land; early writings on the arts; “The secret of prosperity is creativity”; in India with Anandamayi Ma; a Paramhansa Yogananda ministry through song; the communities movement
Challenges Worldly & Spiritual

Outreach; spirit and service; financial tests; SRF’s negativity; Bicentennial Liberty Committee!; first public statements on SRF