The Story of How Swami Kriyananda and Ananda Brought Paramhansa Yogananda’s Liberating Message to the World

“You have a great work to do.”

— Paramhansa Yogananda, to the young Swami Kriyananda 

Swami Kriyananda met Paramhansa Yogananda in September, 1948, at the age of 22. For the remaining 65 years of his life, he worked tirelessly to bring the Master’s liberating message to the world. In more than 140 books, and over 400 songs and other musical compositions, and through countless talks, and above all by fulfilling the Guru’s dream of “Word Brotherhood Colonies”where not only monastics but single people and families could live, work, and lead a dedicated spiritual life together, he showed how his Guru’s teachings offer answers for every challenge and dilemma that confront us in our lives.

In this website, we present the glowing story of the “Great Work” that Yogananda repeatedly commissioned his young disciple to do. In his own words, and through those who worked closely with him for more than 40 years at Ananda, and in the testimony of those who helped to create Ananda, we experience how the world-changing power of Yogananda’s divine mission has created a work that now serves as an example and an inspiration for many thousands across the globe.

Swami Kriyananda — Lightbearer: The Life & Legacy of a Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.  The profoundly inspiring story of Swami Kriyananda’s unswerving dedication to his great Master’s cause, as told by Nayaswami Asha. Its 680 pages are packed with insights for the spiritual seeker, offering answers to every spiritual dilemma:  how to spiritualize our work and our relationships, secrets of successful leadership, the important role that the arts can play in the spread of new spiritual movements, how bring spiritual principles into childraising and education, and much more.

A Place Called Ananda: The trial by fire that forged one of the most successful cooperative communities in the world today. Among Swami Kriyananda’s 140-plus books, this is the most personal. It tells the true, inside story of his dismissal by the organization founded by his Guru, and how in that great tragedy were hidden the seeds for the creation of a work that would bring Yogananda’s liberating power and uplifting wisdom to millions.